My Thesis

Welcome to MyThIn, the HEC Liège platform dedicated to master theses.

This page is for companies who wish to submit a project thesis proposal to HEC Liège students.
The project thesis will take place during the 2021-2022 academic year.

What is a project thesis ?

Project Thesis presentation French version

You wish to submit a new project thesis proposal
Topic proposition is available until February 26 2021 but we encourage you to submit before February 25 2021 to make it available to students as soon as possible before the Speed Meeting (2, 3, 4 March 2021).

The proposal must be validated by Sophie Leruth, Program Manager .
If you want more information about project theses at HEC Liège, please contact Sophie Leruth

You wish to modify an existing project thesis proposal (available until February 25 2021)
If you already submitted one project thesis proposal and wish to modify it before final validation, please provide the corresponding confidential code related to that proposal.
You received this code by email after proposal submission.
If you can't find this code anymore, please contact Sophie Leruth or 04/232 73 13

Confidential code :